If you face one or more of these situations...

  • You have a large number of ongoing change initiatives and projects, some of which are not progressing fast enough...

  • You are deploying a large change initiative and want the various layers of management to be aligned in the deployment effort...

  • An increasing proportion of your staff must work in cross departmental, functional or divisional teams (and is finding it hard to do so)...

  • You would like to elevate your organization's ABILITY to tackle ongoing change...

Workshops using the Change Pro Simulation are an effective and efficient way to address your needs.

Effective because...
  • Change Pro is engaging and memorable, leading to learning that sticks and gets implemented;

  • Change Pro structures the learning experience and supports the delivery of consistent messages across sessions, countries and instructors;

  • Change Pro workshops just works! Change Pro has been successfully used in a large variety of organizations, industries and Business Schools and is available in several languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese and Greek).

Efficient, because workshops using Change Pro:
  • are easily run by internal facilitators;

  • take between 5 and 8 hours each;

  • can be deployed on a large scale at a comparatively low cost.
This means you can train thousands of managers within a few weeks, in a way that will lead to shared vocabulary and a shared approach to change and project management.

Or you can also focus on a small, targeted population of change agents or project managers and build from there. At the end of a workshop, Participants regularly ask for the Change Pro Simulation, so they can train their project team or their management team themselves!

We have clients who...

  • use Change Pro as a core activity in a big, one-time event (i.e.: meeting of the top 200 managers);

  • incorporate Change Pro in some of their existing corporate training programs;

  • design a specific program around Change Pro and offer it to:
    • Initiative leaders / Project managers;

    • Department managers;

    • Specific project teams;

    • High potentials;

    • First line managers;

    • or their entire managerial population.

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