The Change Pro Simulation® is an engaging and realistic computer-based learning tool, available in multiple languages. It is designed to help managers (or Participants) increase their ability to implement change, providing them with a difficult challenge...

The Change Pro Challenge:

Sent by Group Head Office into a successful division, the Participants task is to support the implementation of the Group's latest corporate initiative in 120 days or less.

They must convince as many of the 24 top managers as possible to "adopt" this initiative and agree to support its implementation within the division.

The mission is particularly challenging as the Participants have essentially no hierarchical power over the division's top management team and will have to rely on their soft skills and the 25 tactics provided to succeed.

Change Pro Main Screen

25 Tactics available:

Participants have 25 tactics available at their disposal that can be grouped into 4 categories:
  • tactics involving information gathering;
  • tactics targeting one individual;
  • tactics targeting small groups;
  • tactics involving the whole top management team...
Each tactic is modeled after resources available in a typical organization and will consume 1 or more of the 120 days of the mission.

24 Virtual Managers:

Each of the 24 members of the division's top management team has a different attitude toward the project. They all have a detailed and unique profile, adding richness and challenge to the experience.

There are innovators, early adopters, late adopters and resistors but there are also Opinion Leaders, Mentors, Gatekeepers… and each have to go through the three phases of change (awareness, interest and evaluation), before adopting the innovation.

A Life-like Organization:

This virtual organization builds on realistic profiles and typically available tactics to provide participants with a credible test environment to explore new change strategies.

Participants will find multiple relationships linking managers of this virtual company. There are formal and informal networks of various strength, Mentors, Opinion Leaders, Gatekeepers, Top-down and Bottom-up departments, group effects, momentum...

All of these and a large variety of feedbacks and reactions ensures multiple learning opportunities, and provides participants with a unique learning experience.

A Trusted Learning Tool:

Change Pro has been used in different languages in a variety of corporate, governmental, organizational and educational environments, located in Europe, North America, South America, Asia Middle East and Africa.